Friday 27 November 2020

Witchy Gifts: Gorgeous Accessories and Crafting Kits

Here's another blog post with Yule gift ideas from friends and readers of my blog who are crafters, designers, makers of art, workshop leaders and authors. I also know many of us prefer to buy from independent traders rather than big businesses. So, I asked people to let me know what they are offering as potential presents suitable for pagans (and others). 

My friend Julie has two Etsy shops. In the main one, Jez Designs, she offers scarves and other accessories such as bags brooches and fabric jewellery. She makes them by hand, often from sustainably upcycled materials, and some are budget, while others are luxury. Julie said: "Some of my pouches are popular for storing divination cards, crystals and Wiccan paraphenalia!"  

You can see a picture of some of the bags to the left. UK customers get free shipping.

Her second Etsy store is Jez Design Crafts. That offers kits, supplies and sewing gear for those who like to make things or mend them themselves, plus a few papercrafts, patchwork and other tutorials, and homewares/gifts. 

Julie said: "Literally anyone can make a wreath like the one in the picture, or a brooch from one of my kits!" Most of it is free shipping in the UK too. 

I can vouch for the fact that Julie's kits are great and come with clear instructions, as I have made one of her flower brooches myself. I even photographed it and it appeared at the top of one of my events listings a few weeks ago. Please tell Julie if you buy anything from her site after visiting this post.

Julie has added that last orders for Christmas are:

  • Australia/NZ Nov 27th (made to order)/ Dec 4th (ready to ship)
  • USA, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe Dec 1st (made to order)/ Dec 8th (ready to ship)
  • Western Europe Dec 4th (made to order)/ Dec 11th (ready to ship)
  • UK Dec 11th (made to order)/ Dec 18th (ready to ship)

I'll be mentioning other independent traders and crafters and over the next weeks. Here's a link to my earlier post:

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