Saturday 19 December 2020

Safe Ways to Enjoy the Winter Solstice in 2020

In 2020, the precise time of the Winter Solstice is on Monday, 21 December, at 10.02am in England. If you want to enjoy the moment safely, then please try to stay away from crowds this year. I'd recommend finding somewhere local - perhaps your own garden or a nearby park - if you want to go outdoors. 

The lovely yew tree in the picture, with the winter sun shining through it, is in the grounds of Waverley Abbey. The photo was taken by Bekie bird who co-hosts The Witchin' Hour. She said the tree was laden with berries. Going for a walk in nature is a perfect way to celebrate Yule.

Many people like to watch the sunset on the eve of the shortest day day of the year, or the sunrise that morning or the day after. Here are the details of three sacred sites that are livestreaming over the solstice so you can watch the sun rise and set in the comfort - and safety - of your own home:

Sunday 20 - Tuesday 22 December; Winter Solstice at Newgrange 2020 live-streamed from within the Chamber from 8:45am, Sunday 20 December.

Sunday 20 December; Glastonbury Virtual Winter Solstice. Hosted by Glastonbury Information Centre. Time: 3pm-9.45pm. Free.

Sunday 20 - Monday 21 December; Winter Solstice 2020 Live From Stonehenge. Online with Facebook Live via English Heritage and Stonehenge. Time: 3.16pm on the 20th for the sunset to 8.54am on 21st for the sunrise. Free.

The photo is copyright Bekie Bird. 

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