Thursday 25 February 2021

Pagan Dawns & a Nice Surprise from Atlantis Bookshop

I had an unexpected visit from Bali from The Atlantis Bookshop, in London, earlier this week. We weren't breaking the law, as she was officially delivering an exciting parcel! I had taken advantage of the shop's special bundle of five back issues of Pagan Dawn magazine for £18.75, with free delivery - but I wasn't anticipating the free delivery to be in-person.

Obviously the current restrictions mean I wasn't allowed to invite Bali inside my home, but we chatted briefly through the window and it was so lovely to see a real face of a lovely person I hadn't seen for ages. So looking forward to the time when I can go up to London and visit all the pagan shops there myself again.

The Atlantis Bookshop last weekend sent out a newsletter saying it had the current and several previous issues of Pagan Dawn for sale. Pagan Dawn is the journal of the Pagan Federation, with a wide range of news and articles about Paganism and related topics. It is published four times a year. I understand the bundle of five issues have now sold out, but you can still order individual copies - and other books - by post from the Atlantis Bookshop. 

You can visit The Atlantis Bookshop website here:

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