Monday 17 May 2021

Altars: Harmonia Saille's Picture for her New Book

This is the altar of Hedge Witch Harmonia Saille, which she photographed especially for her new book. She has kindly let me reproduce it on A Bad Witch's Blog. She said: "The altar is what I call my working altar for magic rather than one to celebrate a Goddess or God."

Harmonia's best selling book is Hedge Witchcraft, closely followed by Hedge Riding and The Spiritual Runes. Her new one is called Magic for Hedge Witches. Here is an endorsement for it, by Yvonne Ryves, author of Shaman Pathways Web of Life:

'As someone who works shamanically I am always fascinated by the similarities and differences between the way I work and the way of a Hedge Witch such as Harmonia Saille. This book drew me in immediately and had me hooked completely well before the second chapter. This is not just a book for beginners, despite being under the Pagan Portal’s umbrella, but a book that reaches out to everyone who uses ‘magic’ in their lives and work, Witch or otherwise. The author’s personal practice and experience is delightfully interwoven with historical references, practical exercises and suggestions, making it both a guide and a resource for coming back to over and over again'.

Harmonia posted her picture after seeing a photo of my Goddess altar, which I put on my blog a few days ago. I thought I might start a new series of blog posts on altars, so please send me a picture of your altar if you want to, along with any comments.

You can view Harmonia Saille's earlier books, including Hedge Witchcraft, on Amazon.

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