Thursday 13 May 2021

Archaeology News: Cerne Giant, Charm Lamp, Treasure

I've not done a headlines roundup for a while. However, after reading that National Trust experts have discovered the Cerne Abbas chalk figure dates from the 10th century, I decided it was time for another post with links to news stories. These are all about archaeology that's hopefully of interest to pagans:

"Cerne Giant in Dorset dates from Anglo-Saxon times, analysis suggests" - story at The Guardian:

"Israeli archaeologists amazed by 'very rare' 2,000-year-old charm found in City of David" - story at the Express:

"Archaeologists excavate Bronze Age treasures in Sweden" - story at Heritage Daily:

"Back at Butser Ancient Farm" - story at Current Archaeology:

"From Stonehenge to Petra: How the University of Bradford is helping uncover heritage secrets around the world" - story at Yorkshire Post:

"Archaeologists discover mysterious monument hidden in plain sight" - story at National Geographic:

"Child's burial site tells of early man's emotional life - Kenyan archaeologist" - story at Reuters:

Photo credit: Cerne Abbas Giant in 2001 by PeteHarlow. Shared under Creative Commons

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