Friday 21 May 2021

Practically Pagan - An Introduction to Alternative Living

A book that I contributed to is launched today. Practically Pagan - An Introduction to Alternative Guides to Living is an ebook priced at just 99p or 99 cents, with chapters written by Moon Books authors on a whole variety of practical things including cooking, gardening and ways of engaging with the world. My own contribution is about urban exploration. Here's the description of the book and the series it is part of:

Practically Pagan is a series of books designed to help facilitate the continuing journey of Pagan ideas into the mainstream, to help develop our new understanding and to spread the message that Pagan ways of thought are not only good but necessary. The Practically Pagan series doesn’t include books about theology or philosophy, they are books about life, yours and mine and the everyday things with which they are filled, cooking, gardening, staying healthy and living magical yet environmentally responsible lives. They are written by Pagans for everyone and they offer different ways to do familiar things. Try one of our recipes, preferably including some ingredients harvested from your garden… but make sure you’re dancing in the kitchen while you cook it! Look after yourself and administer some self care… but extend that compassion to the planet as well. And in the end, well, who knew… you’re practically Pagan!

You can find out more about  Practically Pagan - An Introduction to Alternative Guides to Living on Amazon and on publisher Moon Books' website.

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