Tuesday 15 June 2021

Divination: Begin Now - A Sacred Traveler Oracle Card

Have you been feeling ready for change, or wanting to do something new? If so, now is the right time to take a first step towards it. 

I drew a card for the world from the Sacred Traveler Oracle and it was  Begin Now. The book that comes with the set says: 
"Every journey starts with the first step. There is no moment better than the present one to begin. You might not feel ready, but nevertheless it's now time to start. A new cycle is beginning."
The concept of the deck is that each of our lives is a spiritual journey and a quest for self-discovery, so this card isn't necessarily about physically travelling to another place - although it could be. What this is about is actively making a start on something. It could be a project you've dreamt of doing, it could be getting a new job or finding the right home or a fresh relationship. 

Sometimes what puts us off doing something new is that it seems a daunting prospect. What this card shows is that the first step needn't be scary. I know when I'm beginning a writing project, I tell myself that all I need to do is write the first paragraph, or the first line, or just jot down an idea. It's a start. 

Another point author Denise Linn makes is that the start of a new cycle is often also the end of an old one. Think about what is no longer helping you and clear space, and time, for those things that will assist you in future. The image on the card represents this by showing someone waving goodbye just as they set out on their new path.

You can view The Sacred Traveler Oracle on Amazon and read my review of the deck here.

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