Wednesday 21 July 2021

Magical Online and London Events Over Lammas

Here's a list of weird, wonderful and witchy events over rthe next week or so, including Lammas celebrations at the start of August. Many activities are online, but an increasing number are outdoors or in-person. I generally list events in the UK, especially in or near London, but some are outside that time zone. If you know an online or London-based event you want included, please email

Now to Friday 6 August; Strange Things Among Us - 2021 Summer Exhibition. Venue: The College of Psychic Studies, 16 Queensberry Place, London, SW7 2EB. Time: Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-5pm. Tickets free, but you can register your interest in attending.

Wednesday 21 July (every Wednesday); Wellbeing Wednesdays with Nadine and Caitriona. Online event. Time: 12.30pm. Tickets: £22 per monthly subscription. 

Wednesday 21 July; Breathwork Manifestation with Claire Baker. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: evening. Tickets £15.

Wednesday 21 July (every Wednesday); The Witching Hour on the Witches Inn YouTube channel. Time 8pm. Free.

Thursday 22 July; Work with Shamanism to Grow Personally and Professionally. Online event with Harriet Goudard every Thursday. Time: 10am. Free.

Thursday 22 July; Midweek Meditation with the College of Psychic Studies. Time: 3pm. Tickets: free for members/£7.50 for non members.

Thursday 22 July; Folklore, Hey Diddle Diddle - History and Meaning of Nursery Rhymes. Free online talk via Mirthy. Time: 4pm.

Thursday 22 July; Sam van Schaik on Buddhist Magic. Online talk by Sam van Schaik via Watkins Bookshop. Time: 5.30pm. Tickets: free.

Thursday 22 July; Ghosts I Have Seen: Austin Spare, Spirits and Spiritualism. Online talk by Robert Shehu-Ansell via the College of Psychic Studies. Time: 7pm. Tickets: £20.

Thursday 22 July; Alan Murdie, LLB; current Chair of the Ghost Club and SPR Council Member talking on "Reflections on Ghosthunting." Online ASSAP talk. Time: 7pm. Free event. Tickets available to ASSAP members. To join for £5 per year, visit

Thursday 22 July; Colchester Archaeology Talks: Boudica - Myth and Legend. Online event  by Roman Circus Visitor Centre. Time: 7.30pm. Tickets: £5.

Thursday 22 July; Astral Projection workshop with Jade Shaw. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: evening. Tickets £40.

Friday 23 July (every Friday); Friday Live Chat hosted by Rachel Patterson, author of the Kitchen Witch series of books. Time: 9am. Free.

Friday 23 July;  Full Moon Event with Peace Fires. Light a candle or fire for peace wherever you are in the world, for just for 10 minutes or an hour or longer and state the intention: “Let there be peace on earth and love for one another.” Free. Details:

Friday 23 July; Into the Bronze Age: Walking Putney. Walk organised by Museum of London. Meeting details sent after booking. Time: 11am. Tickets: £22/£18.

Friday 23 July; Isis-Magdalene Crossbones Online Vigil. On the 23rd of every month since June 2004, people have honoured the outcast dead of Crossbones Graveyard, Southwark. In the past year, this has being offered via Zoom. Time: 7pm. Free. Details:  

Friday 23 July;  Full Moon Circle with Tree Carr. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 7pm. Tickets £15.

Friday 23 July; Season of the Witch Release Party. Free event on Facebook live. Time: 11pm.

Saturday 24 July; Pagan Federation 50th Celebrations - Academic Conference. Free  · online event on several social media channels. Starts 10am. Trailer:  Details:

Saturday 24 July; I am giving a talk on Poppets and Magical Dolls, based on my book on the topic, at Pontypridd Pagan Moot. Free online event for members of the group. Time: 1pm. Zoom Meeting

Saturday 24 - Sunday 25 July; WitchCrafter’s Online Full Moon Pagan Market. Two-day free online event.

Saturday 24-Sunday 25 July; Rural Gothic: Cult. Online conference with the Folklore Podcast via Zoom. Time: 3pm. Tickets: £10.

Saturday 24 July; Woodland Wicca Full Moon Lammas Ritual via London Woodland Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. Venue: Queen's Woods, Highgate, North London.. Time: 5pm. Tickets: £7.

Saturday 24 July (and other dates); Drury Lane: Walking tour of Drury Lane, London, and environs with street theatre, songs and pub stops via Minimum Labyrinth. Time: 3.30pm. Tickets £19.50.

Sunday 25 July; Kambo with Marco and Susie. In-person event organised by Aho Studio. Venue: 12 Old Manor Yard, London SW5 9AB. Time: noon. Tickets: £50. 

Sunday 25 July;  Luna Iter and Kith of Tree and Well joint Lammas event on Hackney Marshes. Meet at 4pm at Lee Valley Ice Centre car park, to walk to the ritual site. Bring a picnic, your own drinking vessel and candles in jars. Free.

Sunday 25 July; London Dreamtime Story Circle: “Transformations” (live event). Venue: Secret location in Holborn, Time: 4.30pm. Free 

Sunday 25 July; Forest Bathing in Highgate Woods, North London, with London Forest Bathing Meet-up Group. Outdoor event. Time: 5pm. Tickets: £25.

Sunday 25 July; Contemporary Visionary Art. Online talk with Degard, Melissa Alley, Dr. Lila Moore and Professor Fay (Fae) Brauer Time: 7pm. Tickets: £20.

Monday 26 July (every Monday); Mindful Still Life Monday Sessions with London Drawing, via Zoom. Two sessions: 12.30pm and 6pm. Free, but donations welcome.

Monday 26 July; Vibrations of Colour in Energetic Healing with Fiongal Greenlaw. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Tickets: £25. Time: evening.

Monday 26 July (every Monday); Mindful Mondays with Caitriona of Be Happiest. Online event. Time 7pm. Tickets: £6 per session or £20 per month. 

Monday 26 July; How to Know Higher Worlds. Study and conversation group on Zoom hosed by Dr Sue Peat and Philip Martyn, through Rudolf Steiner House. Free. Time: 7pm.

Monday 26 July; The Psychical Research of Sir William Crookes. Talk by Rodrigo Machado Tavares. Online Zoom event via the Society for Psychical Research. Time: 8pm. Tickets: £0-£5.

Tuesday 27 July; Empath Self Care (tbc but usually every other Tuesday). Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Tickets: £15. Time: 7pm.

Wednesday 28 July; Exploring Celtic Wisdom: Marking the Celebrations of the Year - Lammas. Webinar with Dr. Joel Ying and Dr. Joel Ying and Janis McCall. Time: 6pm. Free, but you must register.

Wednesday 28 July and 4 August; Pathworkings and Trance Techniques. Two-part workshop with Mark Vincent Smith tvia Treadwell's Online. Via Zoom. Time: 7pm start. Tickets: £40.

Wednesday 28 July (tbc but usually every other Wednesday); Calming Sound Journey. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 8.30pm (tbc). Tickets £10.

Wednesday 28 July; Monument, Memory and Myth: Use & re-use of the Cossington Bronze Age barrows. Free  · online event by Archaeological Services, University of Leicester (ULAS). Time: 7.30pm.

Thursday 29 July; Ars Notoria. Online talk by Stephen Skinner  via Watkins Bookshop. Time: 12.30pm. Tickets: free.

Thursday 29 July; Astro Magick - Earth Signs. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Tickets: £15. Time: 7pm.

Thursday 29 July (tbc); Shooting the Wild Witch Breeze. Facebook Live with Rachel Patterson and Elen Sentier.  A new chat usually every two weeks. Time: 7pm.  Free.

Thursday 29 July; The Pagan Federation Lectures: Talk 6: Poppets and Sympathetic Magic. Free  · online event. Time: 8pm.

Saturday 31 July; Horned and Antlered Goddesses Workshop with Caroline Wise and Carrie Kirkpatrick. Venue: Highgate, North London. Time: 11am - 7pm. Tickets: £65.

Sunday 1 August; Woodspirits in August - Lammas Ritual and birthday picnic. Venue: outdoor location, meet at Cheshunt station. Time: 3pm. Free for members of Woodspirits group.

Sunday 1 August; Cunning Folk Lammas and Llugnasadh Online Celebration and Ritual. Time: 7pm. Free, but you must reserve a place.

Sunday 1 August; Alchemy and Plant Spirits with Sian Sibley plus talk by Haitian Vodou practitioner Mambo Elizabeth Ruth. Summer Salon via Zoom, through the Magickal Women Partnership. Time: 7pm. Tickets: £10.

Sunday 1 August;  Lammas with Tree Carr. Digital event organised by She's Lost Control. Time: 8.30pm. Tickets £15.

Sunday 1 August;  Aphrodite's Flame Flame Vigil for Lammas/Lughnassadh. Join Aphrodite's Flame Keepers to tend a candle flame from for as long as you wish in your own home, from dusk to dusk. Venue: Worldwide. Details:

Friday 6 August; Magic for the Month: August. A free talk by me, Moon Books author Lucya Starza, on Facebook Live about the festivals of August, corn dollies, and other harvest lore. Time: 4pm.

Notes: I am not responsible for the content of these events except my talks on poppets and Magic for the Month. Contact the organisers directly with questions. I generally list things in the UK, especially in or near London, but some are outside that time zone. Where a practitioner is offering information about magical wellbeing and healing, this is *not* medical advice. If you are attending an in-person event, make sure you are aware of regulations.

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