Thursday 5 August 2021

Review: The Witch's Journal - Charms, Spells, Potions...

I thought I'd write a review of a book I picked up as an impulse buy at The Works when I was looking for crafting material. It is The Witch's Journal by Selene Silverwind. 

When I'm in that shop I always browse the witchcraft and tarot sections, as I've found some real bargains in the past. This book was a bargain too, but the main reason I bought it is that, despite the cover being a bit brown, it is just delightful inside. 

It's really a beginner's reference book of magical correspondences, techniques and spells set out as you might want your own Book of Shadows to look. It's both full of useful information and looks gorgeous. Even though I'm an old and somewhat jaded witch who at the moment only really does spells .when I need to, just looking through this book made me want to try out some new ways of working magic.

I would thoroughly recommend this as a reference book for any beginner witch, or someone like me who just can't resist collecting lovely books about magic.

I'm not sure if The Works still has it in any of the branches, but you can also view The Witch's Journal on Amazon.

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