Thursday 18 November 2021

Divination: Ten of Pentacles from the Wicca Moon Tarot

Here's the card I drew as a reading for the world: the Ten of Pentacles from the Wicca Moon Tarot. The meaning given in the book say the card means "Good fortune and security. Doors opening."  That certainly ties in with the traditional meaning of this card in other decks, but the image here seems to me to suggest the good fortune will be found despite the prevailing difficult times.

The Pentacle cards in the Wicca Moon Tarot portray a journey through a winter woodland. Snow is falling, the trees are bare, and the way isn't entirely clear, although there's still beauty in the natural world. In the tenth card of the suit, however, there are signs of spring and an opening ahead in which lit windows in a tall building can just be seen. It's a card of hope for the future, and suggests comfort and rest lie ahead with just a little more effort.

I really love the Wicca Moon tarot, created by shop owner and witch Shirlee. It's highly original with gorgeous artwork that's full of symbolism. I also heard some good news about it the other day. Wicca Moon, in Eltham, is currently printing some more copies of the deck, which had been out of print for a while.

You can find the shop at 50 Well Hall Road, Eltham, London SE9 6SH and visit the store online here:

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