Monday 21 February 2022

Taking Care of Trees in Storms and in Fair Weather

It's always sad when trees die in a storm - and of course even more tragic when they fall and harm people or property. Even a broken branch can cause havoc. I do hope everyone who reads my blog managed to stay safe during the gale-force winds over the past few days, and continues to stay safe while weather warnings continue today.

Over the weekend, I went for a walk in Crystal Palace Park, in south London, and I was relieved that the damage wasn't as severe as in 1987. In the aftermath of the Great Storm back then I saw fallen trees everywhere. 

The photos on this post were ones I took yesterday. You can see cracked branches in the pictures at the top of this page. Some entire trees were toppled in the park - and sadly a large old oak fell onto cars in a road nearby. 

However, I was extremely pleased to see that Crystal Palace's rare Indian bean tree is still sort of standing. You can see that in the photo at the bottom. Yes, I know it looks as though it's lying on its side, but it's been in that sad state for a while. It is still alive, and people are campaigning to save it. The Indian bean is much loved by people who live nearby and someone has written a thoughtful poem asking people not to climb onto it. The area is roped off and the poem is pinned to one of the posts holding up the rope. I took a photo of that too.

One of the things you might spot if you look at the picture of the Indian bean is that a few ribbons have been tied on. I realise they were probably put there by people who love the tree, but I'm not sure if those people are aware that tying anything to a branch adds extra strain. Ribbons might seem light, but if too many get put there, and they get waterlogged, then they could increase the chances of the Indian bean toppling completely in the next big storm. It really is best not to attach anything to protected or endangered trees except supports put in place by specialist tree surgeons to keep them alive. It would be better to put the ribbons on the posts surrounding it, like the poem, not on the tree itself.

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Autumn_Ang said...

These trees will recover, I'm sure. That Indian Bean is something else!

Jane Mortimer said...

Looks like the bean tree could do with a big old-fashioned crutch to hold it up.

Badwitch said...

Yes, there's a group of residents who are concerned about the tree who asked a tree surgeon's opinion. He felt that at the moment that's not necessary and in fact trees can come to rely on supports too much. He is keeping an eye on it though and a support might be necessary in the near future.