Tuesday 24 May 2022

More Faerie Festival Photos - Wish You'd Been There!

Isn't this little dog in faerie wings adorable?  

Yesterday I promised more photos from the Faerie Festival and here are some of my favourites. I snapped both the photo above and the one to the right - showing the Raven Drummers - while sitting on the grass in front of the main marquee on Saturday afternoon. 

It was a glorious day to relax in the sunshine and listen to music. I also enjoyed a pint of cider or two from the Amber Beer Bus after I'd finished running a session on poppet-making in the workshop tent at the other end of the market. 

You can see some pictures I took of a few market stalls below. 

I like the photo above because it shows the bright colours you could see everywhere at the festival. People were wearing colourful clothing and there was even more lovely colourful things to buy or to just feast your eyes on.

You didn't just have to feast your eyes - the cupcakes stall sold the best tasting cupcakes I've ever had.

It was my birthday on the Friday of the festival - May 20th - and my husband bought me a wonderful present from Fabled Fern. Do you see the notebook in a blue-green handmade cover in the middle of the photo above?  Well, that's now my treasured possession, and I absolutely love it.

Earlier I mentioned the Amber Beer Bus, well you can see here, together withg the pizza seller and the curry stall. I took the picture quite early on the Sunday morning, which is why there aren't many people in the shot - it was much busier as the day went on!

I really enjoyed the Faerie Festival and, if you weren't there, I wish you had been. However, there's always next time. The Faerie Festival will be back from 19th-21st May 2023 in Alfriston, East Sussex. There'll be more info at https://www.magicalfestivals.co.uk/

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