Monday 2 May 2022

Photographing a Fox Cub Family in my Garden

I've been photographing a family of foxes including three cubs in my garden over the May Day weekend. The picture at the top was taken using a long lens on a traditional camera from my bedroom window on Saturday, the one at the bottom was taken by my new trail camera - which you can see attached to my apple tree in the middle picture.

I consider myself really lucky that I regularly see urban foxes in my garden and most springs I enjoy watching them raising cubs. This year my husband decided to buy me a trail camera so that we could capture photos of them when we aren't looking out of the window.

Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll manage to get a real close-up!  I might photograph other wildlife too. To me this is even more proof that you don't have to live in the countryside to enjoy nature. The links right at the bottom show some of my posts with picture of fox cubs in previous years.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm jealous of your foxes. Allegedly one of our neighbors saw one in our back yard a couple of years ago, but I never saw it. We do have ground hogs, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and once even an owl, though, so I do feel lucky.

Badwitch said...

Ooh How lovely that you get groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, squirrels and owls. We don't get groundhogs, skunks or raccoons in England. We get lots of squirrels, sometime hedgehogs although they are quite rare these days. I used to have an owl that sat in a tree at the end of the garden by day and swooped over the lawn by night, but that was some years ago.