Monday 21 November 2022

I'm a Bad Witch: Why I Wasn't at Witchfest on Saturday

I spent Saturday on the sofa rather than being at Witchfest in West London, or at the Visions of the Occult event at the Tate, or at the College of Psychic Studies' Tarot weekend, or at Conway Hall for London Fortean's Haunted Landscapes

Yeah that's exactly the kind of reason I originally called myself a Bad Witch when I started writing my blog. Sometimes I stay at home instead of going out and doing witchy things. I did get an online ticket for Haunted Landscape, and enjoyed the talks very much indeed. I'll list them here so you know what you missed if you weren't there or watching from your own sofa:
  • Jasper Goodall showing his eerie photography during a talk called Into The Wild Night
  • Roy Vickery on Eerie Planet Folklore
  • Dr Victoria Flood on Alderley Edge and the Dead Man
  • Daniel and Clara on Avebury Imaginary: a personal history of a stone circle and hill
  • Jeremy Harte on John Wesley and the Devil: Hell-Wrestling with the Magic Methodists
  • Brice Stratford on The New Forest: A Pocket of Pixies
  • Lisa Schneidau on Monsters from the Deep: River Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland
  • Irving Finkel on The First Ghosts
But - and this probably makes me even more of a bad witch - I don't regret my choice. You see, I spent a lot of time before the talks started, in between them, and after they finished, adding more words to the novel I'm writing for NaNoWriMo. That's the National Novel Writing Month challenge to write 50,000 words of fiction during the month of November. I'm nearly up to 40,000 words now, so feel I'm in a good place to meet the target by the deadline.

If you did go to Witchfest - or any of the other fabulous events at the weekend, do leave a comment and say what you did and what fun you had. If you took a photo at or ouside any of the events and want to share it on A Bad Witch's Blog, then please email me at 

The photo on this post shows a hedgehog muff on the sofa where I was sitting. My husband bought me the muff coz he thought sticking my hands into a stuffed hedgehog would be just the thing to keep me warm. Obviously I can't use the muff while I'm writing.


Anonymous said...

The muff is so cute! I went to Witchfest. The atmosphere was very meh! To me unfortunately! It didn’t have the usual spark nor magic of the day even though everyone was lovely and I treated myself.💜 Maria.x

Badwitch said...

Hi Maria, thanks for telling me what you thought about Witchfest. Let's hope it can return to Fairfield Halls next year!

Jane said...

You've heard of the kids' story book 'The Worst Witch'? Well just add -fest, and that's my opinion of Saturday's shenanigans at Feltham. The venue was run down and awkwardly laid out. Footfall was minimal for the poor traders who'd paid a hefty pitch fee plus travel expenses. It just didn't have the capacity to make it work there. Thankfully Ronald made it after being given the wrong address and being lost in town for ages, and his talk on vampires was riveting, like all the Prof's talks. You had to choose between eating or going to a talk because it took so long to queue with one person serving and one cooking. Everyone did their best under the circumstances, but, well, I wouldn't go to Feltham again. One key speaker a was too poorly to get there, which was a shame as I was looking forward to meeting her and two of the Hearth guardians. There wasn't a single trader selling journals, but I still managed to spend a small fortune on stuff I didn't even know I needed!

Mo Starke Hannon said...

Well I attended it with my girlfriend on my birthday, first time I ever attended it tbh. I really enjoyed my time there buying different things and talking with people, but the layout of the place wasn't all that and found it confusing. But I'm looking forward to future events, wherever they are held 😊

Jane said...

Mo, if you enjoyed Feltham, you'll be blown away by Croydon!

Mo Starke Hannon said...

When does the Croydon one happen? I'm only just getting into Wicca and such and events like this would be good for me to mix with others. Was actually through the events section of your blog I found out about it after seeing you post your blog in a Facebook group 😊

Badwitch said...

Witchfest is normally in Croydon, but the venue wasn't available this year so they used a venue in Feltham instead.