Friday 16 December 2022

Milestones For My Books On Scrying & Candle Magic

I'm celebrating another success as two of my books have broken through important sales points. Publisher Moon Books has told me that Pagan Portals - Scrying, which was launched this spring, has now sold more than 1,500 copies. My earlier book, Pagan Portals - Candle Magic, has sold more than 8,000 copies! A big thanks to everyone who has bought them, left reviews, or told me that they've enjoyed reading them. 

The photo at the top shows all of my books in the Pagan Portals series. You can find out more about any of them on my author page at Moon Books and look at my Amazon author page. Treadwell's bookshop at 33 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BS stocks my titles and is where I regularly run in-person workshops on scrying, candle magic, and other aspects of witchcraft. You can find Treadwell's website here.

John Hunt Publishing, which Moon Books is part of, is also running a Christmas sale on its website until the end of the month. The sale gives customers 50% off the RRP of any JHP eBook when bought directly from the publisher's website using the discount code FESTIVE50. You don't have to just buy my books. Here's a link to main catalogue:

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Jane said...

Congratulations, Lucya! A great achievement!