Monday 12 December 2022

Pagan Eye: Occult Art Show at Atlantis Bookshop

Here are photos of a few of the brilliant original art and cartoons in an exhibition which makes just a little bit of fun of famous practitioners of magick. It is on at the Atlantis Bookshop in London and is called Lives of the Great Occultists, based on the title of a book by Hunt Emerson and Kevin Jackson. Hunt Emerson's art has also appeared in Fortean Times and The Beano. 

The exhibition is in the Gardner Room,  downstairs at the Atlantis Bookshop, 49A Museum St, London WC1A 1LY. It's open daily, Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm up to 24 December (except Saturday 17 December). Sets of four prints depicting Aleister Crowley, Isaac Newton, Dr Dee and Maya Deren are available to buy for £24 as well as copies of the book.

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