Tuesday 3 January 2023

Book Endorsement: Earth Spirit: Honoring the Wild

Environmental issues are causes close to the hearts of most pagans. I'd think it is true that all of us, in some way, try to live sustainably. A beautiful book by Irisanya Moon, called Earth Spirit: Honoring the Wild, is aimed at people like us. Irisanya offers gentle inspiration to perhaps do more, by showing us what others are doing in many different fields - from physical activism through to art. I read the book before it went to press, and this is the endorsement I wrote:

“Most pagans already are, in some way, doing what they can to help the planet. Earth Spirit: Honoring the Wild is a collection of voices from the Reclaiming witchcraft tradition, showing the range of their achievements. It is one of the most inspiring books about environmental activism I have read.  As author Irisanya Moon writes: 'Activism shows up in many ways, in many forms.’ Not everyone can go on long marches or stand for hours in protest, although many do. If you reuse and recycle, if you do magic to protect wildlife, if you write poetry to raise awareness – you are still an activist. If you are looking for ideas about what more you can do, read this book.” 

You can view Earth Spirit: Honoring the Wild on Amazon. It is published by Moon Books and comes out this month.

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