Tuesday 24 January 2023

Witchy Crafts: A Mini Broomstick Jewellery Hanger

Here's a witchy way to store your jewellery so it doesn't all get tangled in a drawer - a mini broomstick to hang necklaces and ear-rings from. It didn't cost me anything as I used sticks and twigs foraged from my garden and some other bits and bobs from my crafting box. I made the broomstick in exactly the way I'd make a full size one, only much smaller. 

Broomsticks are best made from twigs harvested early in the year before trees get leaves, so it's a perfect January or February craft. I collected a fallen stick for the handle and cut some birch twigs for the end, then trimmed everything with a penknife and got most of the bark off the stick before sanding it down. Then I gathered the twigs into a bundle and bound the top tightly with wire befure pushing the sitck into the middle of them. Doing it that way makes it tighter than binding the twigs with the stick already among them. That's all you need to do to make the broom part.

Using some spare wool, I plaited a strap (although you could use wire or ribbon), tied it to the broom then hung it on my wall. The twiggy end is heavier than the handle end, but the weight of the jewellery hanging from it balances it properly. I also attached a couple of tiny hooks to the broom to hang ear-rings from.

There are more seasonal crafts on my blog under the "crafts" tab and in my next book, Rounding the Wheel of the Year published by Moon Books. You can also view the book on Amazon.

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