Tuesday 11 July 2023

Amazon Prime Day: Good, Bad or a Bit of Both?

It's an Amazon Prime Day today, meaning that there are some extra discounts on some stuff bought on Amazon by Prime members. I will admit I use Amazon and am a member of Prime, but I'm also aware that many people avoid the online retailer because they feel it's much better for their local community if they only buy things from independent retailers in their area. 

Personally, I try to balance my purchasing power as much as possible. I do most of my food and household shopping locally and when I'm getting gifts for people I make a real effort to get things that are made locally too if at all possible. But some things are just more easily found online. The think I probably buy most often from Amazon are books for my Kindle, even though I also enjoy reading paper books and will try to buy them new from high street bookshops or secondhand from places like charity shops.

I have no idea what deals there'll be to tempt witches, pagans and those with similar interests on Amazon Prime Day, but I admit I'll be having a look at the day's deals

But what do you think? Is Amazon good, bad or a bit of both? Dop you avoid the online giant and, of so, what are your best tips for alternatives?

Do leave a comment and your opinion.

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