Thursday 26 October 2023

Book Extract: Circle, Coven & Grove Full Moon Ritual

Here's an extract from the new edition of a classic book of rituals for groups of witches. The book's called Circle, Coven, and Grove by Deborah Blake and it's published by Crossed Crow Books. This extract is a lovely October Full Moon Ritual. This year, 2023, the full moon falls on October 28, just before Samhain. 

October Full Moon Ritual: Opening the Inner Eye

As we move indoors for the colder weather, we also turn our attentions inward. The October Full Moon, preceeding Samhain, is ideal for working on prophecy and inner vision. As the veil between the worlds grows thinner, it becomes easier to see that which is normally unseen and to hear the quiet inner voice that sometimes guides us.

Witches have historically used various forms of divination including tarot cards, rune stones, scrying mirrors, and crystal balls. All of these tools help us to access our sixth sense which moves in areas beyond the normal five. Not all Witches are psychic nor are all psychics Witches—but it is not uncommon for those who are drawn to Wicca to also have a gift for working with the tools of divination.

If those in your group do not have tarot cards or rune stones, now is the perfect time to get them and start to develop a feel for using them. Some Witches are more comfortable with one tool than another, and some use them all. (There are even a few folks who are uneasy with the whole idea—they can just observe and learn if that is what they wish. Never force anyone in your group to do anything that makes them uncomfortable.)

For this ritual, the members of Blue Moon Circle used tarot cards, since we all had them, even though some of us had been reading cards for years (one professionally), and two had just started. If your group doesn’t want to get tarot cards, they can easily buy or make their own rune stones and use those instead.

The main focus of this Full Moon ritual is on opening the inner eye (or vision) so that we can see more clearly, but there is also a small blessing for use in consecrating your cards or stones. This blessing can also be used during other rituals to consecrate additional tools for magickal use.

Supplies needed:

  • Tarot cards or rune stones (preferably one set for each member in the group, although you can share if you need to).
  • Magickal oil (good ones to use for divination include lemongrass, sage, patchouli, and sandalwood, but you can use whatever makes you feel relaxed and centered).

Consecrate and cleanse the circle by passing sage or incense.

Consecrate and cleanse the circle by passing salt and water.

Cast the circle hand to hand.

Call the Quarters. (If you like, you can ask Air for help with psychic powers, Fire for help with courage in facing the unknown, Water for help with intuition, and North for help staying grounded and focused during the work.)

HPS invokes the Goddess. (Full Moon invocation)

If desired, this is a good time to read The Charge of the Goddess.

Sit in the circle and get comfortable. Discuss past experiences with the cards (or whatever tools you are using for this ritual) and divination. If anyone has new tarot cards or rune stones, the HPS can use this blessing (originally found in the February chapter) to consecrate them.

Tool Consecration Blessing

Great Goddess, bless these cards,
That they may be used for good and never harm.
That they may help me in my Craft
And aid me in my magickal work.
From this day forward
May they be blessed and consecrated
By the power of Earth (sprinkle tool with salt),
By the power of Air (waft with feather, incense, or sage),
By the power of Fire (pass tool over candle),
And the power of Water (sprinkle tool with water),
And by the power of the spirit which lies within us all.
So Mote It Be.

Take turns going around the circle and doing a reading for each other. It is fine for the more experienced readers to help out any members who are still unsure of what they are doing. You are tuning in to the cards (or stones) during this part of the ritual, but you can also be having fun!

Once you have each had a turn, you can do the following spell to open your inner vision even more. In the future, you can do this spell any time you are in need of guidance—although you may find that it was so effective the first time that you never have to repeat it.

Pass the magickal oil around the circle and place a drop on your third eye (between the eyebrows, thought to be the center of psychic power) OR take turns around the circle placing the oil on each other. When you are finished, focus, and say this spell:

Spell to Open the Inner Eye

Moon, Moon, burning bright,
Help me hone my inner sight.
Make my vision clear and true,
Show me what I need to do.
Whether cards or stones of old,
Show me what I need to know.
Guide my heart and guide my hand,
Help me see and understand.
So Mote It Be.

Pass Cakes and Ale.

Pass the Speaking Stick.

Dismiss the Quarters.

HPS thanks the Goddess.

Open the circle

Circle, Coven, and Grove is published by Crossed Crow Books and you can find it here. It's both hardback and paperback editions. You can also view the book on Amazon. (Note: I earn commission from advertisers for some links. This helps support my blog at no extra cost to those who read my posts.)

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