Thursday 5 October 2023

Review: We'Moon 2024 Luminations Diary & Calendar

I'm delighted to have been given a copy of the 2024 We'Moon Datebook, which is a moon calendar and a collection of art and writing by creative women from around the world. I was also give the We'Moon wall calender, which is also lovely and useful.

The gift was perfect timing as I'm already scheduling things to do in 2024. I much prefer to have a diary that's beautiful rather than purely functional - and this is both. There's oodles of space for writing in but also an astrology guide and moon phase planner, plus poetry, prose and inspiring artwork.

This is what it says on the publisher Mother Tongue Ink's website: 

"Each year We'Moon weaves threads of intention into this wonderful moon calendar. Each edition has a theme, and currently, our themes are based on one of the eight moon phase cycles. We’Moon 2024: Luminations invokes the Waxing Half Moon: She dwells in the creative balance of equal Shadow and Light, and takes us along the mysterious edge where obstacles meet invention, and visions spark magic. This datebook is a stunning weave of art and writing from women offering radiant wisdom, passionate earth-devotion, love miracles, and inventive joy."

The diary is in a week-at-a-glance format, which I like, and offers a moon phase planner with moon signs and daily astrological info. I should mention that this is an American publication so the astrological data is in Pacific Standard Time. I live in England, so it isn't perfect for me, but I can convert it and I think quite a few who read my blog are US-based. What I really enjoy about this diary is looking through the 100-plus images of feminist art and over 100 writings by amazing poets and storytellers. These works are all by women from many different countries.

I mentioned I have the wall calendar as well as the dairy, which is a bonus. I enjoy having a magical calendar on my kitchen wall - mostly because it gives something to look at while I'm waiting for my cats to finish eating. I have to be there as they both need different food due to allergies. If I leave them on their own they'll steal from each other's bowls!

If you are interested in ordering the 2024 We'Moon Datebook from the publisher, you'll get 15 per cent discount if you quote the code: Badwitch24. Here's the link:

For those in England, you can order from the US store but you can also buy copies from English shops that sell pagan and esoteric books including Cowley Club in Sussex.

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