Monday 20 November 2023

Pagans v Christians: Witchfest's Battle of the Bands

I took the picture above outside Fairfield Halls in Croydon while queueing to enter Witchfest International 2023. It was a brilliant event, as usual, with lots of great speakers, a chance to meet up with friends, and plenty of entertainment. 

Some of that entertainment was provided by a Pagans v Christians battle of the bands. A group of evangelicals turned up outside to protest about us witches and druids doing stuff they disaprove of. They had a PA system to preach and play loud gospel music. It isn't the first time they've made an appearance - in fact they are kind of a regular side-show.

But this year I was delighted to get a front-row view of the Pentacle Drummers coming out to make a big noise. They were loudly cheered by us Pagans. The photo shows the Pentacle drummers and behind them the Christian group with their placard and sound system. I'm pretty sure that despite the Christian's electronic help, the Pagans won the battle of the bands with a purely acoustic set.

I hope to blog more later about what went on inside Witchfest International 2023. Witchfest is organised the Children of Artemis. You can find out about future CoA events here:

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