Monday 22 January 2024

Author's 2024 Plans: Daniela Simina on Fairy Herbs

Daniela Simina writes inspiring books on fairy magic. I've interviewed her on what she has planned for later in the year:

Q: What book have you got coming out next in 2024?

A: Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic – A Practical Guide to Fairy Herbalism will officially publish on August 1st.

Q: What’s it about?

A: It's the first book to cater exclusively to fairy-related herbalism, gathering in one single volume over forty fairy-specific herbs and plant materials, detailing their use in fairy magic. The book introduces the reader to fairies, their mercurial nature and relationship to people. It gives insights into the roles and attributes of fairy witches and seers, from olden times to the present day, and also into the role of fairy familiars. As a practical resource, Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic is complete with ideas for rituals, charms and spells.

Q: What event or events are you planning around the launch?

A: While the book launches only in August, I wish to bring it to the public awareness early on. So, on January 13th, I scheduled a class on fairy magic at Phoenix and Dragon Metaphysical Store in Atlanta, GA, USA. On January 29-February 2, I will speak about A Fairy Path at the Reawakening the Sacred Self online conference. On July 26- 28 I will present at the Mystic South Conference in Atlanta, GA. The presentation, also titled Fairy Herbs for Fairy Magic, explains the tradition of fairy magical herbalism and presents the book as a practical resource for anyone interested. I will also have a book signing event while at Mystic South 2024. 

In the first part of November, I'm scheduled to speak at the Ancestral Pathways online conference. I have  an article published in the Moonscape magazine, and several articles in queue for publication in the Fairy Investigation Society Newsletter, EvOke, Witch Magazine, Myddle Earth Magazine, and Magical Times. All of these articles related directly or indirectly to my book.

Q: What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a research paper, “Women, Politics, and Power in the Viking-Age Scandinavia”. I am also penciling the outline for a book about common themes in Irish and Norse fairy lore. Another major objective for 2024 is making the course that I created, Fairycrafting: Fairy Magic from Basics to Advanced Practice, available online.

More about Daniela Simina 

Daniela is native of Romania, granddaughter of a fairy seer and medicine woman. She became acquainted with fairies through the local lore and folklore and through direct personal experience. Growing up, Daniela explored European nature-based traditions of spiritual healing, deepened her understanding of both energy and human physiology through practicing martial arts and yoga. Daniela Simina teaches courses, classes, and workshops on various modalities of energetic rebalancing and of course, fairies. Her previous books include Where Fairies Meet: Parallels between Irish and Romanian Fairy Traditions and A Fairy Path: The Memoir of a Young Fairy Seer in Training.

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