Tuesday 7 May 2024

Book Review: Hocus Focus by Corinne Marley

Hocus Focus: A Beginner's Guide to Manifestation Through Intention and Spellwork is an excellent book aimed at anyone new to witchcrft. It's by Corinne Marley and I was kindly sent a copy by Summersdale Publishers, Despite being an experienced witch myself, I found it absolutely delightful. 

I particularly like that the book emphasises the importance of putting mental energy into spells rather than just treating them like a recipe of ingredients. That's why it has "Focus" in the title and "Manifestation Through Intention" in the subtitle. Setting intentions, focusing on what you want, and concentrating your wishes are vital to make magic effective.

The things you use also have recognised properties that can help. The first section covers basics like how to choose what colour candle to use, and the properties of various crystals. When you're learning witchcraft it also helps to have simple spells you can try out, and the book has plenty. There are spells for healing, reflection, self-care and self-discovery as well as practical things like attracting a lover, finding a lost pet and protecting your home. It covers harnessing the energy of the moon's phases, connecting with the natural world, and working with different goddesses. Everything is very well explained in short sections with clear examples.

However, the book isn't just a simple grimoire - it's also a magical journal as each spell has space for making personal notes plus lined pages with prompts at the end. 

When I was taking my first tentative steps in witchcraft many decades ago, I'd have liked Hocus Focus  very much. Even reading the book now has given me ideas for a few new spells to try.


Jane Mortimer said...

There's nothing like a little refresher course when we've been on this path longer than we can remember! It's so easy to get jaded, so I've ordered this book for a bit of light reading. My very first book on witchcraft was Hocus Pocus by Titania Hardie, so it seems appropriate to revisit that way of thinking! Thanks Lucya. See you Saturday.

Badwitch said...

Hope you enjoy the book! See you Saturday!