Friday 24 May 2024

Learning to Slow Down & Go With the Flow

First, I want to apologise to anyone who was expecting to make corn dollies with me at the Sussex Fairy Festival last weekend. I wasn't able to get there due to an unavoidable change of plans.

I'm half way through a two-week holiday with my husband. We spent the past week in Sussex and the first day went well. I attended the Society of Leyhunters' conference in Lewes, where I gave a talk on psychogeography then listened to fascinating lectures about folklore and living history. 

That night my husband had an excruciating sciatica flair-up. After a sleepless night, chats with a pharmacist and NHS advice, I collected some strong painkillers for him, which helped. However, he was unable to get out of bed and I had to be there to help him. That was last Sunday, the day I'd been intending to go to the Fairy Festival, but I really couldn't.

His sciatica is slowly getting better, but he still can't take more than a few steps at a time. Instead of days walking along beaches and exploring the South Downs together, we've been enjoying sedentary activities like watching movies and playing games. It was my birthday last Monday and luckily my husband had bought me a really enjoyable game as a present. It's called Septima and is about witches. We played it several times during the week and I'll be writing a review of it soon. 

I have managed a few strolls around the harbour myself over the past few days and the picture at the top is one I took. The image sums up what I felt I've got from this holiday: the importance of slowing down and going with the flow. It hasn't been the holiday I planned, but apart from missing the Fairy Festival and my husband being in pain, it's been a nice change from the usual routine.

I'm still having a staycation for the next week, but I'm back in London and intend to get out and visit a few more places around town. Normal blogging service will resume after the end of May.

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