Monday 10 December 2007

Pagan dates

The best advice I can give to a lazy witch like myself is to get a witch's calender. It has all the dates of full moons and pagan festivals as well as tips and advice on appropriate rituals for the time of year.

I normally buy something like Llewellyn's Witches' Calendar, or get it given to me as a Yule present.

However, I recently found a wonderful Pagan calendar that is downloadable for free as a PDF. It shows pagan, witch, druid and heathen festivals, dates and events as well as neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays. The calender tells me that today the moon enters Capricorn at 6:50 pm GMT.

There are also links to find out more information about any of the calender entries.


Anonymous said...

I confess I always like those little symbols that you get in calendars that tell you the phases of the moon. But which way round are they? Is the white bit the moon - or the black bit? Very puzzling...

Badwitch said...

Witch's calenders usually show the moon symbols clearer than ordinary calenders because the people who make them realise witches need this information. On the calendar I have on my wall - a 2007 Witch's Calender - the moon is in white and is the same shape as it appears in the night sky on that date. The pagan calender I mention in my blog has a good key to what the symbols mean, although the symbols themselves are a bit tiny.