Tuesday 11 December 2007

Time to get down to business

On this date, 11 December, the Romans used to celebrate Agonalia.

According to the useful Pagan calendar I mentioned yesterday, in Ancient Roman times, Agonalia, or Agonia, was a religious festival celebrated at various times of the year in honor of divinities such as Janus, the god of beginnings and endings, and Hermes Agonius, who presided over any solemn contest.

They influenced the realm of business endeavours and the Romans would call upon them when they undertook any new venture or important deal.

Agonalia was celebrated on January 9, May 21, December 11 and possibly March 17.

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Anonymous said...

So what did the Romans do on that day? How did they celebrate?

Anonymous said...

BTW have you come across

Badwitch said...

The Romans usually sacrificed an animal. They were rather keen on sacrificing animals on their religious days, not something I would recommend doing now :)