Wednesday 16 January 2008

The Bad Witch's Guide to Work.

Work sucks. Avoid it. That's my advice.

Do what thou wilt. Tell your boss where he can stick your job, walk out and find something more satisfying to do with your time.

Except that things are obviously not as simple as that, are they? Most of us need to earn money to pay the bills.

Over the past few months I have read a pages and pages of emails and blog entries from friends who are not enjoying their jobs one little bit but, for one reason or another, can't leave.

Sometimes, however, there are ways of changing things. We just need to look for them.

A couple of people I know decided they could earn enough money to live on without working five days (or more) every week. They asked their boss if they could go part time. The answer was yes - and they are happier as a result.

I'm not always good at taking my own advice, though, and in the past I have spent far too long in the same job, being overworked and under-appreciated.

Now, I am just about to start a new part-time contract, working for a firm I did freelance work for last year. The people seem nice, the pay is OK and working part time will allow me to do more of the things I enjoy, such as writing my blog, taking photos and being a witch. At least, that's what I am hoping.

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