Wednesday 16 January 2008

Weather superstitions

I watched BBC1's The One Show last night and saw weather girl Carol Kirkwood conducting a scientific study to find out if cows really do lie down before rain, as superstition suggests.

She monitored the movements of a herd of cattle for a day and also recorded the rainfall. She found that the cows did sit down before a shower started.

I'm not a bit surprised. If I had to stay out in the open for hours every day I think I would learn to become very observant of signs of changing weather, which is how much ancient weather lore and superstitions developed.

I know I would also become very observant of the weather if I was one of the unlucky people once more facing threats of floods after the severe downpours this week. Although I live in a part of London that has never been flooded, I have still checked the Environment Agency's website to find out if my house is at risk.

You can find details of areas under flood warning , and what to do if you are, at:
A site on ancient methods of predicting the weather:
For more about weather superstitions, visit:

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