Wednesday 20 February 2008

Blood Moon

Tonight there will be a full lunar eclipse and it will be visible from the UK.

The eclipse will start in the early hours of 21 February at 00:34 GMT and end at 06:17 but the most exciting part - the total eclipse - will last nearly an hour between 03:00 and 03:51.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. The Earth casts a shadow over the moon, making it turn red and giving it the name Blood Moon. A eclipse only happens when the moon is full.

The time of the full moon is traditionally when witches are supposed to gather to cast their magic, but what should they be getting up to when there is an eclipse?

Opinion varies.

Some people say that the eclipse heightens the moon's natural feminine energy and that its red hue is a symbol for menstrual blood, meaning it is a good time for female rites and initiations. Some also believe the wisdom of the dark mother can be called upon to help solve mysteries or to reveal secrets. It is a time when emotions run deep and profound life changes can take place.

On the other hand, others say that the sun has taken its light away from the moon and so lessens its power. And, of course, there are those who view any strange goings-on in the sky with foreboding and look upon a blood red moon as an omen of doom and disaster.

When it comes to magic, I am of the opinion that one should do what feels right - so long as you harm none, of course :)

At the very least you should make a point of staying up late or set your alarm clock for 3am and watch this rare celestial event in all its glory.

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