Thursday 6 March 2008

A fox den

My foxes have dug a den in the leaf pile at the end of my garden. I very much hope they are breeding there.

Families of foxes often have more than one den in their area, but usually only use one for breeding. A breeding den is much larger than a hole used for sleeping and can go down as far as 3m below the ground.

The mating season runs from late December until February and vixens usually start digging a den in February in which to have their cubs. Gestation is a little under two months and most cubs are born in the middle of March.

The babies stay underground for about five weeks but, with a bit of luck, I could see little fox cubs on my lawn in just over a month's time.

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Anonymous said...

We saw one of our occasional fox visitors in the garden a few days back and she definitely seemed to be waddling a bit. ;) I hope she's planning to have her cubs somewhere nearby; there is room under our shed for foxes, deliberately left by my dad when he put it in.

Badwitch said...

Fox cubs are adorable. I hope your vixen does choose to have them under your shed!