Thursday 17 April 2008

Apples to apples

New leaves are starting to sprout on the apple tree in my garden while this morning I opened a jar of homemade apple chutney, made with last summer's apples, which has been maturing since the autumn.

It was a good reminder of how the wheel of the year turns.

The apple chutney was delicious, although I didn't make it myself. It was an anonymous gift left on my doorstep before Yule.

My apple tree is the central feature of my garden and every year it produces an abundant crop - far too many apples for me to get through - so I give a lot away.

Last autumn I offered them on Freecycle, and had a large number of responses. I let each person fill one carrier bag, because that seemed the fairest way of sharing them.

Then I got the mysterious gift of chutney, with a little note saying: "Thanks for the apples. The chutney will taste better if left for a few months."

It was worth the wait. The cheese-and-chutney sandwiches I took to work look lovely and I am anticipating several similar lunches to come.

I wish I knew who had left the mysterious gift so I could thank them and, if I get a similarly large apple harvest this year I will definitely give away more on Freecycle, and consider myself blessed by the spirit of the apple tree.

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Anonymous said...

I am amused that the ads currently showing up on this post are for board games :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm not getting an ad for boardgames. I'm getting one for witch supplies. It looks like it sells some nice things.

Anonymous said...

If you do that again this year, let me know. I love making apple cake and I would pay for the apples in slices! :-))

Londonwitch x

P.S. Still enjoying your blog. First thing I read when I come into work. Have a nice weekend!

Badwitch said...

I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! I will certainly be giving away more apples this autumn if I get a good harvest.