Friday 18 April 2008

Full moon

On Sunday April 20 there is a full moon.

I love it when a full moon falls at a weekend because I can celebrate the occasion later into the night than I can if I have work the next day.

Most wiccan covens celebrate the esbat on the nearest weekend to the full moon anyway, but it always seems better to do it when the moon really is full in the sky.

If you are a solitary witch and fancy doing a full moon ritual on your own, here are some links to rituals designed for just one person:

I often prefer to simply spend time meditating on the moon when I am on my own or, if the night is mild, I like to go for a moonlit walk in the country or along a beach.

For those who like to call the full moons by names each month, the full moon for April was apparently called the Seed Moon in medieval times - perhaps because April in the month when planting was done. Neopagan names include Awakening Moon and Wind Moon.

For more information about the magical significance of the full moon, follow these links:

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