Saturday 31 May 2008

The Paps of Jura

It is the end of my holiday on the beautiful Isle of Islay in Scotland. I have had a fantastic time on this wonderful island. I wanted to say "magical island", because it really does have a magical quality about it - the light is so clear, the air smells fresh and the colours here seem brighter and more vibrant than in grimy London.

The island is teaming with wildlife too. During my stay I have seen an eagle, a corncrake, grouse, oyster catchers, lapwings, hares, wild goats and deer. Every bank, hedgerow and field is a profusion of wildflowers too at the moment - yellow irises, foxgloves, bluebells, red clover, wild orchids grow among the long grasses all over the island.

The image at the top of this entry is of the Paps of Jura. These breast-shaped mountains are visible from much of Islay although they are on Jura, the next island in the group. I didn't get a chance to take the ferry there this holiday, but I hope to next time. I certainly intend to return to this beautiful place.

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