Thursday 22 May 2008


Psychometry, a means of gaining insights about an individual through an object or objects belonging to them, is a great way of developing psychic skills without having to learn a lot of stuff first. All you have to do is pick up an object belonging to someone else and say what you feel it implies about the owner.

I took part in a psychometry workshop at Witchfest last week. The psychic running the class, Inbaal, said that psychometry works best with a metal object a person has owned for some time and has preferably had since new. She recommended keys and jewellery. However, I have successfully tried psychometry in the past using combs, which were plastic.

Inbaal suggested spending a little while studying the physical appearance of the object before trying to get a psychic impression. After all, the appearance of an item can tell you quite a lot about its owner without needing to use any extra-sensory powers.

When getting a psychic reading from an object, you have to pay attention to almost anything that pops into your head - an image, a feeling, a colour or a word might have significance. It can be can be something bizarre, seemingly insignificant or even something you feel you don't want to mention. I was once doing an object reading on a friend's purse and all I could think was that she had big hands and was clumsy. That wasn't something I felt I could say without causing offence, so I just made up some pleasantry and left it at that.

Was I cheating? Probably, but I didn't want to upset anyone.

On Tuesday, May 27, Muriel Renard is giving a demonstration of psychometry at London Earth Mysteries Circle. The event starts at 7pm at The Theosophical Society, 50 Gloucester Place, W1U 8EA. Admission is £4 for non-members.

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