Friday 2 May 2008

Signs of nocturnal fox fun

I haven't seen the fox cub in my garden since two nights ago, but I have seen signs of foxes' nighttime activities.

Last night my bin bags were ripped open and the contents scattered across my front garden - very likely done by a vixen trying to feed a growing family.

In my back garden the bluebells under my apple tree were trampled overnight. My list of suspects could include fairies or aliens attempting to make a bluebell circle, but I think the most likely culprits are my foxes.

Even though they are a nuisance, I am still delighted these lovely wild creatures have decided to make a home so close to mine.


Anonymous said...

It's always refreshing when the wild intrudes on our carefully ordered lives. Welcome your visitor and be attentive to anything the fox might show you.

Badwitch said...

That's certainly good advice.