Tuesday 3 June 2008

A Bad Blogging Witch on Islay

Someone has pointed out to me that my blogs from Islay in Scotland last week have been noticed by the Islay Weblog. In a post called A Bad Blogging Witch on Islay last week the blog said:

"In disguise or not but there seems to be a bad witch on Islay and she writes about her Islay whereabouts on the Bad Witches Blog. I don't know how long she will stay on Islay but it's interesting to read some live blogging, especially during the festival and even more from a witch ;-)"

The Islay Weblog has lots more information about the Malt and Music festival that has just finished, the plant and wildlife on the island and its history, myths and legends. It is well worth having a look at if you want to find out more about the beautiful Isle of Islay.


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