Wednesday 4 June 2008

Charity shop bargains

Whenever I'm passing a charity shop I can't resist the urge to pop in to see if any unusual occult books are lurking on the shelves, hopefully at a bargain price. Well, I certainly found an unusual book today.

Surfers of the Zuvuya: Tales of Interdimensional Travel by Jose A Arguelles claims to be a guide to interdimensional travel using Zuvuya - the Mayan memory circuit. According to the introduction:

"Zuvuya is the Mayan term for term for the big memory circuit... the memory hotline. It works individually and collectively. Most importantly, it connects equally to the future as well as the past. Why? Because Zuvuya is the interdimensional thread. And we are all interdimensional."

How weird and wonderful! I am not only looking forward to reading it, I am also delighted at getting a bargain. I paid 75p for this book, which would cost £7.99 new or £3.10 secondhand through Amazon.

Books I've picked up in a similar way in the past include a hardback copy of
Culpeper's Complete Herbal, which is useful for learning what the plants in my garden are good for, and Scottish Myths and Legends, which isn't valuable but I enjoyed reading. I would definitely recommend charity shops to any witch wanting to build up a useful library for very little money.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about all things Mayan and I had not heard about Zuvuya. Thanks for posting! I'll have to do a little research next.

Anonymous said...

Charity shops are great! My best bargain was a back pack and waliking
boots for £5.oo.They werelike new.