Tuesday 24 June 2008

The Bath Mysteries

The town of Bath, in Avon, south west England, is a World Heritage Site that is famous for its Roman Baths and medieval abbey. However, the ancient town also has a secret history that links it to Celtic mythology, mystery cults and King Lud, who legends also associate with London, derived from Caer Lud, or Lud's Fortress..

A fellow blogger, Dan Tatman, is researching a book on the mythology of Bath and has put some of his research on his blog: The Bath Mysterys. He said:

"I live in Bath and am writing a book on Bath, it's various mystery schools, celtic origins, geomancy and much more, but anyway...
"I have identified over the last eight years that the founder of Bath -Bladud- IS King Lud and, coming from Wales, I know that Lud is the Latin of Lludd - the father of Gwyn (king of the fair folk). And that the Welsh lineage comes trickling through Ireland and that ''Lludd Llaw Eraint'' - Lud of the silver hand is actually LUGH - the inheritor of the kingship of the Tuatha de Danaan after the death of Nuada (silver hand).
"It is just one point that can be proven where the early church rewrote all the early legends - denigrating men, women, druids and gods as they went. My book is controversial but that's great. On my blog there is a recent interview that I have done. It's part of a series that will be continued over the coming weeks."

You can read Dan's blog at: http://www.thebathmysterys.blogspot.com/


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