Tuesday 17 June 2008

A full moon to meet under

On Wednesday, 18 June, there is a full moon.

According to www.pagancalendar.co.uk/, the medieval name for this month's full moon is the Dyad Moon. The word 'dyad' comes from the word 'duo' and means two people that are regarded as a pair, such as the mother-daughter dyad.

One explanation for the name is that this full moon falls in the same month as summer solstice. This is the time when the two halves of the year meet. In neopagan terms it is time when the God and Goddess meet for their union. It is also the time when the maiden year becomes the mother year. Duality is the focus.

The full moons have been given many different names by different cultures. A Celtic name is Moon of Horses, although I have no idea of the true origin of this. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac it is sometimes called the Strawberry or Rose Moon.

All of these are delightfully romantic. If any gorgeous man were offer me roses and strawberries then invite me for a wild horse ride under the full moon on a warm summer's night, I don't think I would refuse for a moment...

For more information about the magical significance of the full moon, follow these links:

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