Wednesday 11 June 2008

Mystery image

This photograph was sent to me by Mick, from Rochester, in Kent. He asked me to put it on A Bad Witch's Blog in the hope someone can solve the mystery of the shape in the middle of the picture.

The photo was taken with a film camera, not a digital camera, and my first thought was that it was caused by an imperfection on the film. However, Mick told me that the staff at the shop who developed the prints told him there was nothing faulty with the camera, the film or the paper it was printed on.

Mick said:
"This shape/object only shows up in one of the shots. In the before and after shots the shape is not there. The time was about 10.30am. I was walking towards the Admirals House, on the right. My dog Ben got agitated and wouldn't settle but I felt nothing untoward.

"The sun was not bright and was behind me over my right shoulder. If it was caused by a faulty camera, it would be in other frames or even all. I have seen a sun spot on a frame but it was nothing like this. What is it? Any ideas?"

If you have any ideas what might have caused the strange image in the picture, leave a comment below.


Catty said...

Is the image on the negative? It looks like a burn, like the picture was overexposed during the developing process.

Badwitch said...

Mick told me the mark was on the negative. I agree it does look rather like a burn.