Tuesday 10 June 2008

Wildlife garden grows

Back in April I wrote about one woman's attempts to create a wildlife garden on a patch of wasteland in a London suburb.

Jennifer, the woman behind the idea, has had to work hard to get support for the scheme, to acquire planning permission, raise funds and collect materials to make her dream a reality, but her plans are at last coming to fruition.

Jennifer has just emailed me to say:

"I've got the cheque! Yes, The Round Table came up trumps and have offered to pay 80% of the costs to start the garden off. They have given us a cheque for £335 for the planning permission and I'm in the process of getting a pre application meeting so hopefully we will know if it will go ahead before we hand over all the money.

"Once we get the permission granted, The Round Table will give us a bit more money for the licence. We have to find the shortfall, which is about £157. I've already raised £121.30 so I still have only a little way to go.

"I've also had a guy come down for a fencing quote and he's been trying to get hold of recycled fencing to use on our site too. He's gonna try and get as much of it from donations too.

"It's really happening now and really moving forward... I'm so excited."

To see my earlier blog entry, visit: http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/04/lots-of-change-at-wildlife-garden.html

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