Monday 18 August 2008

Figures in a forest

A friend of mine took this photograph in The New Forest earlier this month. She was walking through the forest when, through the trees in the distance, she saw two strange figures.

She told me: "I don't know what they were. They were moving from side to side. One of them looked male and was wearing a cloak and little red boots. He reminded me of images I have seen of the Green Man. To the left of him was standing what looked like a little girl wearing white. They certainly weren't human. I took out my camera and zoomed in to get a closer look and took this picture. I wouldn't have wanted to get any closer."

You can just make out the little man in the middle of the photo above, the girl is the shadowy figure next to him. My friend said the picture does not really do justice to what she saw that day - they are a bit fuzzy and the colours are dingier - although you can just make out the shape of the figures.

If you have photographed anything strange and would like me to post it on A Bad Witches Blog, leave a comment below or email the photo to me, with details of when and where you took the picture.


Anonymous said...

Try as I might, i can't make them out!

Earlier this year I visited a retreat center in the mountains, and visitors there say that photos they take often show strange orbs of light. I've seen the pics, and it's quite obvious. I wonder if it's some trick of the camera lens and the air. Who knows? So far, none of the photos I've taken there on 2 occasions showed anything unusual.

Badwitch said...

I agree the figures in the photo aren't very clear. They are in the middle, at the back, behind the trees. The male figure is brown and the female figure is a bit ghost-like. I am not sure what they are either.

Orbs of light on photos certainly can be caused by lens flare. I was trying to photograph the full moon the other night and several of the pictures had blue orbs of light in them caused by the light and the lens over a long exposure - artistic, but not supernatural.

Catty said...

could you post another version of the photo with them circled? I see two shapes but they aren't what you described... they look more like the Nazgûl.

Anonymous said...

Herne the Hunter!?