Monday 13 October 2008

Full moon

This month's full moon falls on Tuesday 14 October at 9.02pm London time.

According to, the medieval and neopagan name for this month's full moon is Blood Moon, which is also the name sometimes given to the moon during a lunar eclipse, because it takes a reddish hue.
However, some people call the November full moon Blood Moon and October's full moon Hunter's Moon, because hunters can easily spot their prey on moonlit nights in fields that are bare after the harvest. Both Blood Moon annd Hunter's Moon seem to have an association with death to me, which is appropriate for the time of year when plants are dying, leaves are falling and the evenings are becoming dark and cold.
Another name for the full moon in October is Promise Moon. Although summer is over and winter lies ahead, there is the promise of a new spring at the end of that winter and another summer to come. I have to say, that is a name I rather like.

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