Saturday 18 October 2008

The week the leaves turned

It has been leaf-fall week. Only a few days ago I noticed the trees were still remarkably green for October. The cool, damp summer can be thanked for that. Then we had a few bright autumn days, the leaves turned red and gold and brown, and started to fall. It all happened so fast.

But, although I feel a little sad to see the last vestiges of summer die, I do love autumn walks in the park with leaves falling around me and take a childlike delight in kicking up the dry, crinkly piles and watching the wind blow them along the path. Every season has its joys.

The phrase "turn over a new leaf" is often used in springtime, when tiny green shoots first show, and is taken to mean that the changing season is a good time for a change in one's life. But autumn is also a changing season. It is a time to put away summer clothes and get out the warm woollies and, as the days get darker, a time for a little introspection to think about personal change.

The phrase doesn't originally have anything to do with trees or plants, it is about turning over the page of a book and learning what is written there – a small yet sometimes exciting act of discovery.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photo!

Badwitch said...

Thanks! Those beautiful red leaves are in my neighbour's garden and I think they are a lovely colour in the autumn.