Friday 14 November 2008

A book of shadows for the Wiccan year

A little while ago I was looking for an initiation gift for a friend when my eyes alighted on The Green Wiccan Year by Silja. This hardback book is a combination of diary and spellbook and would be ideal to use as a personal Book of Shadows - a witch's record of spells, rituals and magickal notes.

The Green Wiccan Year has sections for each month with details about pagan festivals and appropriate spells as well as space to write daily notes in. It is a sort of combination of diary and witches' almanac, although it isn't tied to any specific year's dates, so could be used at any time. It also has some delightful illustrations and pockets to keep loose papers safe, which I imagine many witches would tuck their print-outs of coven rituals into.

If you were more into natural magic than ritual spell work, this would also be a great book to press flowers in and write notes about their magical uses or herbal recipes to keep with them.

It is also pretty good if all you want to do is use the spells and rituals printed within it already. Here is one of the useful spells from the book:

"Knot Spell: A simple knot spell can be used to help your goals and plans come to fruition. Take a piece of cord and tie nine knots into it while saying: 'By the knot of one, this spell is begun. By the knot of two, my spell comes true. By the knot of three, so mote it be. By the knot of four, power I store. By the knot of five, my magic is alive. By the knot of six, this spell I fix. By the knot of seven, this spell I leaven. By the knot of eight, if it is fate. By the knot of nine, what I wish is mine!' Then leave the knotted cord somewhere safe until you reach your goal."
The Green Wiccan Year is published by Cico Books and costs £14.99 in hardback.

The Green Wiccan Year

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