Thursday 6 November 2008

Dylan: The Bad Witch's God of the Week

The Bad Witch's God of the Week, picked at random from The Concise Mythological Dictionary is Dylan. Not the rabbit in TV series The Magic Roundabout, this Dylan is "in ancient Welsh myth, a god of the waves and waters of the sea,"according to my book.

The wonderfully irreverent site added:
"DYLAN: As a Sea God, he didn't make much of a splash. The son of GWYDDION and ARIANRHOD, he leapt from mum's arms straight into the sea. Sometime later his uncle, a Smith God called Govannon, killed him. The waves sighed. Sometimes they still do."

The more serious site, said:
"Dylan ("sea"), a virgin-born son of Arianrhod. He was a sea-creature, and returned to the waves. Much later, he came back upon land and was killed by his own uncle Govannon, who did not know who he was."

Poor Dylan, what a sad tale. So many legends seem to involve people being killed by their friends or family because they didn't know who they were.

I am sure there is a lesson to be learnt from Dylan's story somewhere, even if it is just to be careful about what seafood you eat...

The Concise Mythological Dictionary


Laila said...

hey! Your posts of the god or goddess of the week has inspired me to start a "affirmation of the week"... hope you enjoy it =)

Anonymous said...

It is sad...and kind of funny, too. Didn't realize "Dylan" meant "sea."

Badwitch said...

Liquid bug: An affirmation of the week is a great idea!

Riverwolf: I don't speak Welsh, but I actually thought the Welsh word for sea was Mor. I guess there may be different words meaning the same thing. Any Welsh speakers out there?