Monday 29 December 2008

TV: Tony Robinson & the Blitz Witch

Tonight at 9pm on C4, Tony Robinson of Time Team fame is investigating the case of Helen Duncan, who in England during the 1940s was arrested, tried and jailed under witchcraft laws dating back to 1735.

The psychic had been offering predictions about ships sinking during the Second World War and was considered a threat to national security.

This documentary is the first of three in which Tony Robinson investigates the unexplained. Tomorrow he looks into the ghosts of Glastonbury.

These programmes look as though they should be fascinating viewing for anyone interested in witchcraft, history, the unexplained and English legends.


Anonymous said...

Watched it. The facts of the Duncan case sometimes seemed lost - as they looked at mediumship and whether it was for real or fraud rather than at the Duncan case itself, which is fine, but not what the programme purported to be about. An interesting opportunity wasted, I think.

Luke1074 said...

was very saddened that this programme was allowed to be aired as a psychic medium myself i felt let down yet again by mainstream televison Helen Duncan was a very gifted human being that was jailed for doing her purpose in THIS life
god bless her

Anonymous said...

Interesting show, i agree that Becky McCall seemed more interested in proving mediums a fake rather than concentrate on what the show was susposed to be about. I hope that she is not in any of the other programmes

Anonymous said...

Yeah i watched the programme and thought it was a let down,shame really.There are true psychic's out there so if you are one then carry on with your work.Well, i know you will.x

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in an unbiased account of the Duncan case should check out Malcolm Gaskill's biography Hellish Nell.

Badwitch said...

Thanks for all the comments and for the book suggestion - I'll definitely look out for that. I haven't got around to watching the programme yet though. I recorded it because I was going out that night but have been a bit put off watching it after reading the responses posted to A Bad Witch's Blog.