Tuesday 30 December 2008

Yemaja: Goddess of the Week

The Bad Witch's Goddess of the Week is Yemaja, a widely-revered Afro-American nature goddess who represents the ocean, motherhood and children. She is also known as Yemaya, Yemanjá, Iemanjá or Janaína.

I chose her this week because she is honoured on New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro. Huge crowds gather on Copacabana beach, let off fireworks and throw flowers into the sea to petition the goddess for good luck in the coming year.

www.godchecker.com/ says:

"Yemaya slow moving and her skirts billow a lot in wave-like motions. She has a curious aversion to salt — so she will float over the ocean but not in it. She is also a Moon Goddess and the number seven has special significance for
She is and is particularly revered by Brazilian fishermen, although she is also worshipped in slightly different forms in Africa, Cuba, Haiti and America and is often simply referred to as "Our Lady". Festivals in her honour take place in early December and also on February 2 as well as on New Year's Eve.

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