Friday 26 December 2008

What I got for yule

I unwrapped some great presents yesterday. Apart from two identical dressing gowns (I did actually need one), I got a huge box of chocolates and, among other things, three wonderful books about London's folklore, history and mysterious places.

Tunnels, Towers and Temples, by David Long, is about London's 100 strangest places. I was pleased to see that Bunhill Fields cemetery, one of my favourite spots in London, is the first entry in it. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book and then visiting other sites mentioned.

London Lore: The Legends and Traditions of the World's Most Vibrant City, by Steve Roud, is a large hardback book full of traditional stories, folklore, superstitions and legends about England's capital. I'm sure I will find lots of useful and fascination information in it.

An unexpected gift from a friend, who obviously knows exactly the kind of think I like, was Occult London, by Merlin Coverley. The back cover blurb mentions Dr Dee, witches, Hawksmoor, Blake, Spring-Heeled Jack, Madam Blavatsky, Ley Lines and the Highgate Vampire.

So with books covering London's places, people and past, I think I have plenty of reading matter to keep me occupied. I'll certainly review the books on A Bad Witch's Blog when I've finished them.

I'll also visit some of the sites of interest and write about them - perhaps after a trip to Marks & Spencer to return one of those dressing gowns.


Curious Curandera said...

Happy day after Christmas!!!

Badwitch said...

Thanks very much!